The House

The Out of Town Hostel is a beautiful stone house surrounded by a garden with fruit trees and flowers and full of hidden spots where you can breathe the pure countryside air. You will also find all you need to enjoy outdoor activities such as ski/wakeboard, stand-up-paddle, boat trips, canyoning and pedestrian routes.

A swimming pool, a BBQ and a wood oven make this house an ideal place for an enjoyable break. There is also a vegetable garden and whenever nature permits, we pick vegetables and fruits for our meals in a farm to table concept. The fresh natural fruit juices and jams take pride of place.



The bedrooms provide a cozy atmosphere and are decorated in a rustic style with shared bathrooms.

You can choose between double rooms or shared dorms for those who prefer a more economical alternative.


The Region

Nowadays the interest in our region, the North of Portugal, is growing due to its natural beauty and its people’s hospitality. It is also  magnificent for outdoor activities, away from the usual busy costal resorts. Located strategically near rivers, surrounded by wild mountains and with geological interest, this place has the right attributes to become unique.

Besides, the Out of Town house is located in a strategic place for a city break. On the one hand it is only 55km (50min) from Oporto and 2km from the River Douro, on the other hand, it is in a quiet, unspoiled area.

The house is situated within a protected agricultural area and it is in the river Paiva basin, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and a protected zone due to its great diversity of species, ecosystems and habitats.