Welcome to the Out of Town – your Rustic Hostel!

The Out of Town was born as the first hostel in this region and as a place for sharing, an active lifestyle, good vibes and a perfect balance with nature. Here we care about sustainability, which means not only saving and consuming less, but also doing more with the resources we already have. That was the way we decided to create the Out of Town!

Here, we offer our guests accommodation and outdoor activites, as well as the opportunity to experience a completely unique lifestyle, in a welcoming, relaxed and rustic environment. You can both enjoy the quietness of the house, and practice outdoor activities as ski/wakeboard, SUP tours, boat trips and canyoning, making this a very special experience. It is also a really good place for some lovely walks (such as Passadiços do Paiva and Arouca Geopark routes).

Days spent here are full of activity, ending up with pleasant evenings, accompanied by tasty snacks and good regional wine, the famous Portuguese Vinho Verde.

Visit us and recharge your batteries in a different style at Out of Town – the rustic hostel!

Out of Town –> Rustic life ❤

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